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Editorial guidelines

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When adding content to FreeThoughtPedia please keep in mind these simple rules:

  • Do not post copyrighted material - We republish material on this site only with permission of the original authors. The exception to this may be when we quote specific writing that we are using to debate, such as quoting a standard theological argument and then responding to it.
  • Make sure any claims that require documentation have references listed. - We often accuse theists of making unsubstantiated claims, so it's extremely important we avoid doing the same.
  • Keep it short and simple - This is very important. If there's a singular objective behind FreeThoughtPedia, it is to constantly hone our arguments and editorial to be as concise and as easy-to-understand as possible. There may be some pages that overflow with detailed reference material, but many sections, especially those addressing theological arguments, should be filtered down into bite-sized, extremely powerful responses.
  • Do not erase other peoples' work - Be wary of projects other people are undertaking and before you edit something someone else is working on, check or post on the discussion page. If you want to undertake editing of a particular area, put your signature on the top with a note that you'll be working on this section and when you expect to be finished.

Please note that everyone is encouraged to edit and improve each others' pages. But make sure someone isn't in the middle of something before you make changes.

How to get started

If you're new to the Wiki system, see: How to create and edit pages.

Once you get familiar with the basic markup features, then take a look at Special templates that are available here at FreeThoughtPedia to embellish articles.

What to do if a page you want to work on is protected?

Due to vandalism there are many pages that may not be editable by you. If this is the case, place your article on the talk page and ask to have access granted so you can modify the page. If there's something immediate you can email admin (at) freethoughtpedia -dot- com.

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