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Way of the Master

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Slick production, Hollywood stars, and major guilt tripping. The Way of the Master is a young-earth-creationist fundamentalist Christian organization that promotes the notion that we are all cursed since creation and doomed to burn in eternal hellfire unless we bow down before Jesus.

Where other Christian sects preach love and benevolence, WOTM propagates fearmongering, suggesting people should be "terrified" of the consequences of not accepting Jesus as savior. WOTM engages in various techniques designed to convince people that everyday acts such as looking at another person with lust, is analogous to adultery.

  • Part 1: Lust = Adultery

  • Summary: Not content with merely scaring people with hellfire by committing adultery, the WotM crew interpret scripture to suggest that even looking at a woman with lust in your eyes is, according to the Bible, adultery.
  • Critique: In the first one-to-one segment, Ray tries the classic Argument From Design on an atheist on the street, having him point to a building and having him admit he knows that building was created, but the atheist says he knows who built that building - he doesn't know or see God. With footage like this that WotM left in, you have to imagine what was on the cutting room floor.

  • Part 2: Lust = Adultery (cont.)

  • Summary: WotM continues with cleverly worded hell scare tactics, saying lust is adultery. Ray advocates gouging your eye out as a safer alternative to holding onto the metaphorical stick of dynamite that is lust. The theory is that it's better to enter heaven with one eye than hell with two.
  • Critique: The entire premise of this segment seems to be based around the idea that lust is adultery, and the only way to heaven is to accept Jesus/God. Sounds like more hellfire scare tactics to me. Pascal's Wager anyone?

  • Part 3:

  • Summary: God's law is absolute and uncompromising, he doesn't bend it for anyone. Coins the oxymoron 'a healthy fear for god'. Interviews 3 guys on the street and administers a 10 commandments test, concluding that they are all 'lying thieving blasphemous adulterers' and will burn in hell.
  • Critique: Displays lack of understanding by asking the rhetorical question 'What if I go on the freeway and don't believe in trucks? Does that make them any less dangerous?' to which the interviewee responds 'But trucks are real, there is actual evidence for their existence' or something to that effect. Ray resorts to fear mongering again, and advocates that they gouge their eyes out.

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